Girl Walk // All Day: Creative expression, community funding, and copyright conundrum

A new “feature-length dance music video” is hitting the screens at SXSW, Girl Walk // All Day.  Wired has an article describing the film in greater detail.  This film hits three important buttons in this new medium:

(1) Creative expression

‘Nuff said.

(2) Community funding

The project was funded via Kickstarter, and the funders are listed as Senior Producers, Producers, Associate Producers, or Additional Supporters according to the amount of funding they provided.

(3) Copyright conundrum

The Girl Walk // All Day film is synced to large portions of Girl Talk’s latest album, All Day.  In other words, the walking sampling dilemma that is Girl Talk is now synced with a film, introducing a new layer in the licensing paradox.

There is significant debate over just how and at what cost GirlTalk would license all of the umpteen samples that are involved in his work.

Now there would be another stage of the debate, in terms of whether and how his collection of samples and the samples therein might be licensed for “sync” with the film.


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