My entire dissertation defense presentation in less than three minutes

Here is a video version of the presentation for my dissertation defense (except the nerdy slides with regression tables and such have been removed).  The dissertation was titled, Ghosts in the Shell: An Investigation of the Link Between Automation and the Nature of Work.

Anyone who has completed and defended their dissertation knows that the best dissertation is the done dissertation.  My dissertation is now done as in defended, approved by the committee with all committee member signatures, submitted to the graduate school, approved by the graduate school, and the confirmation email from the graduate school stating that I have completed all the requirements for a PhD in Management has been received.

While the dissertation defense is an altogether unique experience, I reckon the best way to experience a dissertation defense presentation is in fast-forward (rather than in real-time).  Therefore, I have placed my defense presentation online in a video rolling at the rate of 100 slides in 2 minutes and 45 seconds.  So hit play and then sit back and watch a few years of work fly by in less than three minutes.

Ghosts in the Shell: An investigation of the relationship between automation and the nature of work from david touve on Vimeo.


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