How does Google succeed?

After looking over the old Google aptitude test, I have been able to solve the riddle that is “how does Google succeed?” The answer is quite simple:

Google pays people less than they are worth.

This may sound like a harsh claim to make, but I would challenge you to find any business able to make a profit that does not fit the above-mentioned contingency.

You can hire the best people. But if you pay these people more than they are worth, you lose money. You can hire the worst people. But if you can pay these people less than they are worth, you will make money.

Google is able to hire exceptional problem-solving minds who have never focused these skills on calculating individual (or group) value in the context of the firm.

The cash earned by Google each quarter that could be directed towards salaries, is instead put into a cash chest that attracts investors. Shareholders balance the rest of the equation, by bidding up the stock’s value equal to, or beyond, the undervalued employee salary compensation.

Perhaps a radical perspective. But is it wrong?