Screenshots from The Venice Project

Since The Venice Project is still in beta, and access to the project is limited, below you will find a set of screenshots TVP has created for widespread release. While some outlets have converted their invitations to contests, I will just share what I can as I spend real, quality time with the project itself.

As Mac users will observe, the “look and feel” of the experience is reminiscent of the OSX DVD and Slideshow interfaces. Nearly transparent (or slightly opaque, depending upon your point of view) integration of plug-in type functions – program navigation, ratings, chat, etc. Good to see floating functions that do not obscure or detract from the viewing experience.

The real-time, social yet more private aspects of the project are obviously a timely button to push. Regular TV is a rather solitary experience, while the YouTube discussion boards can be hit or miss. There has been some apparent variation in the video quality experienced by beta users. Given this is a beta project however, this variation would seem par for the course. Not everyone plays by the Google “permanent beta” mantra.

The Venice Project navigation screenshot

The Venice Project navigation info screenshot

The Venice Project channel list screenshot

The Venice Project program list screenshot

The Venice Project personalization screenshot

The Venice Project program overlay screenshot


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