It had to happen, Zuner or later…

Microsoft is finally going a bit less on the “soft” and has all but officially presented the “Zune” line of music/media products. Absolutely mediocre name, by the way. Leading to bad puns like, the “grass-roots” marketing campaign. Besides moving on the music/media bandwagon way toooooo late, they have to adopt a totally marshmellow name.

Earth to Microsoft. Make great products. Its not really that crazy of a formula when you are already a leading firm in the industry. Listen to people and Make great products. Products that, when you send them out the door, you feel proud. Better yet. Products that you think are so awesome, you don’t even want to sell them. You want to have them all to yourself.

Quit all the expensive, supposedly grass roots marketing campaigns designed by way-too-hip line drawing hipsters. Make a great product. Give people an honest reason to tell everyone else they know about it.


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