Social entrepreneurship and Monk eBusiness

Wired has an interesting peek of a story on a group of monks in Wisconsin who have just happened to create a flourishing business re-filling toner cartridges.  The business, LaserMonks (Real Savings, Real Monks), passed the mark of over $2 million per year in business.  No one takes a real salary, though it would seem food, lodging and vespers come with the gig for those so spiritually inclined.  The monks donate portions of each sale directly to charity.  They also are rumored in the story, to have some perquisites including a private plane (no mention however as to whether its a Cesna or some more luxurious ride).

Makes you wonder… non-profits, if stuctured properly, could really be a problem for for-profits businesses in low-investment markets.  If your goal isn’t to sell the business, pursuing a social goal while making a living just might be a great option.


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