Rocketboom back, and might be better… unless you preferred the bad acting

Rocketboom finally went back live today, after all the ridiculous and public display of bullshit for the last week or so. As an alumni of NU, and a prior occupant of the theatre department, I have to admit – unless it was intentional, Ms Congdon was questionable as an actress (even with the seemingly padded top section). But hey, that can sometimes be what people want, so be it (how else would Toom Raider, the movie, ever have been a success?). That farewell video at the end of which she pretends to be brought to tears was a bit unconvincing, however. I am not saying she isn’t disappointed or distraught to leave the Boom. I am just saying the expression seemed contrived rather than believable. The media always love the apparent underdog however, she seemed to be wronged, and pretty much all press folks took her side of the story.

I am going to agree with Calacanis on this one. The new show might have a chance be better, or at least more tolerable for many people. Ms Congdon should relish in the supposed contract sitting in a bank somewhere, by which she owns 49% of something of value. Its way better to help make something you own better than it was, than to expend energy that will most likely do harm. Founders of startup companies have to take this humble pill all the time. On the trading floor, this emotional let go was dubbed “never fall in love with your position.” Sometimes, it better to just let go.

Noah, from 88Slide even steps in a comment (on Calacanis’ blog) with what seems like an attempt to (1) pump his own show (2) defend his possible acquisition of new talent. Fun stuff is you are into weblog soap operas.


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