Its life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… in that order

Google finally launched a search terms interface whereby you can home in on the popularity of the various subjects for which we search, with access to this search data over time. I figured it would be interesting to look into those ideals, imaginations and even simple interests to see which we hold the most dear.

Life, Liberty or the pursuit of Happiness:

life, liberty or happiness : Google Trends

Life = blue. Liberty = red. Happiness = yellow

Looks like life comes out on top, by a seemingly wide margin. Of course, Google does not put a scale on the graph, so you are left to wonder just how popular these terms really are.

Heaven or Hell:

Googles Trends

Heaven = blue. Hell = red.

Somewhat surprisingly, given all the talk of fire and brimstone these days, heaven still takes the lead. Most research shows we respond better to rewards than punishment, so this ordering of terms seems to support such a premise, from a search perspective.

Sex, Drugs or Rock n Roll:

sex, drugs or rock n rool : Google Trends

Sex = blue. Drugs = red. Rock n Roll = yellow.

Seemingly no contest here. Sex comes out on top, literally.


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