I recently joined the general faculty of the University of Virginia, within the McIntire School of Commerce, as an Assistant Professor and Director of the Galant Center for Entrepreneurship.  Previously, I was an Assistant Professor at Washington and Lee University, within the Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics.

In the years prior to these academic postings I founded or held management roles in a series of startup ventures leading to experience across the life cycle of organizations — from startup to acquisition and at times failure. The short list would be: Vega, Noisebox [acquired by Sonique], Sonique [acquired by Lycos], MyFilms, Kick [acquired by Sony’s 550 Digital Media Ventures unit], Joystiq [a brand within Engadget, acquired by AOL]. I founded my first startup at age 23, two years out of college. I have also worked as an advisor to or a consultant for not only startups (MusicFans, JBTV [acquired by Launch/Yahoo!], AgentArts [acquired by FAST/Microsoft]), but also global music copyright owners and collectives, global technology firms, and Fortune 500 companies.

My research interest could be summed up in a single word: opportunity. I am particularly interested in how opportunity emerges from disruption, as from automation or the Internet. This sort of work has implications for theory, policy, and practice. As a result, I have been lucky enough to not only publish in academic venues, but also write for and speak in policy and practice venues.  I have also been interviewed and/or cited by media outlets such as: the Financial Times, National Public Radio, WIRED, Billboard, Congressional Quarterly, and the Guardian.

In the classroom, I actively mix theory with practice through interactive presentations, case discussions, and simulations.  Two courses I developed that now travel with me would be iStartup (described as “Entrepreneurship 101 meets the Amazing Race”) and Wicked Problems (a critical problem solving and social action course).

I hold a PhD in Management from Vanderbilt University (Owen Graduate School of Management), an MBA from AGSM (at the time, a joint degree from the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales), and a BA in Economics from Northwestern University (Weinberg School of Arts & Sciences).

Here is a link to my online CV.

Here is a link to my faculty profile at the University of Virginia.